Biographie Synthétique V. Hoffenberg [US]

Valerie Hoffenberg was appointed AJC representative in Paris in 2004.

Trained as a lawyer with a master's degree in political science and communication, Valerie Hoffenberg has always been involved in the French Jewish community. She was a member of the political commission of the CRIF, a member of the women's French UJA and she is the Vice-President of the French-Israeli association for the support of the victims of terror.

She joined AJC in order to build bridges between France and the United States, to advocate for Israel and to provide the support of AJC to French Jews in their fight against anti-Semitism.

AJC is now the most important international Jewish partner of the French government and is consulted regularly by French officials to establish contacts in the U.S. Its deep understanding of the situation in the Middle East, its worldwide network, its strong commitment to fighting anti-Semitism and its defence of human rights and democratic pluralism have made AJC the most respected and efficient American Jewish organisation in France.

Valerie lives in Paris with her husband and three young children.

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